Pay Hades diver

Genre -

Company Milk Hell

Period 2014/08/08

Region Chubu

Shotaro Fujimura/ Kaoru Sano/ Kiriharakoumuten/ Masaya Tamada/ Momoka Ikeda/ Yuka Shiroyama/ Nanami Takahashi/ Daichi Mori

原案:服部半僧/作・演出:桐原工務店 舞台監督:高山睦月(高山一族)/舞台監督助手:高山鳳凰(高山一族)/舞台美術:桐原工務店/照明:今津知也(オレンヂスタ)/音響:堀口修司/衣装:牛乳地獄/宣伝美術:オレンヂスタ美術部/制作:牛乳地獄・城早乙合(フリー)


He is Iizuka, boring man. He don't have his strong point, like studying and sports. He also don't have luck.
He love Ayukawa who is his high school classmate and colleague at work.
Even if he entrance into a training hall by Higashi who is his junior, there is no change in his boring life.
One day Iizuka sink in his bathroom. When he wake up, he is in his highschool.
He will be able to time travel. If he do something in his past, the future will change.
He aims to become a love with Ayukawa.
Actually, what is necessary to face in his?

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