Pay Knyam and her left hand

Genre -

Company fabricant fin

Period 2013/07/17

Region Kinki

Mokoro Ozu/ Gyoi/ Katsuhiro Naito/ Yumiko Matsuura/ Gakuryo Midorikawa/ Takumi Yamao/ Komari Sakurai

作・演出:桜井こまり 舞台監督:ニシノトシヒロ(BS-Ⅱ/匿名劇団)/音響:中西華子/照明:奥村誠志郎(M.C.S.)/制作:浦田瑞希/宣伝美術:タカシゲ 主催・企画・製作 fabricant fin


It's an average town. It's an average cafe. There is a average landscape, can be found anywhere.
There are Mr. and Mrs. manager, talkative patrons and a girl loves tea.
They are average people, can be found anywhere.
But today, a happening will be in the next town.
Mr. and Mrs. manager will not be average Mr. and Mrs. A patron will not be average patron.

"Is it a happening?"
"There is a bridegroom who disappear in wedding day."
"Uh, I know."
"Did perpetrator be arrested?"
"Hmmm, I don't know."
"Where is the bridegroom now?"
"I don't know."

And tea of today will be special.
"And really, who is that person?"

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