Pay Story of Okuni

Genre -

Period 2012/03/09

Region Kinki

Yoshikazu Kiuchi/ Yuta Kikuchi/ Kayako Tadokoro/ Yuzo Nagai/ Chika Yamane/ Takashi Yuasa/ TETSUYA

作・演出:城田邦生(劇創ト社) 舞台監督:涌本法明(BS-Ⅱ)/舞台監督補佐:hige(BS-Ⅱ)/照明:菅野万里恵(baghdad cafe’)/音響:谷口大輔(T&Crew)/衣装:田中秀彦(iroNic ediHt DESIGN ORCHESTRA)/フライヤーデザイン:チャーハンラモーン/スチル:堀川高志(KUTOWANS STUDIO)/舞台映像:武信貴行/制作:鉾木章浩(Basil) 企画製作:劇創ト社deネクタルグン


In Keicho, it's some years later from Battle of Sekigahara and Tokugawa won.
There are many theaters in Kyoto.
There is a place such as scramble heaven and hell, and full of the day and night alike flirtatious voice.
There is a dancer, Okuni. She is a famous dancer in Kyoto, dancing well, beautiful and generous.
It seems that she has smooth sailing. But she has a big wound in her past and mind.
Her destiny moved by meeting a man!
"Izumo no Okuni" is known to begin performing this new style of dancing, singing, and acting in the dry riverbeds of Kyoto.
This is History Entertainment story about "Izumo no Okuni"!

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10 Sharaku: Ver.2010
Pay10 Sharaku: Ver.2010

gekiso-tosha de NECTAR-GUN

Shoichi Ishihara/ Yoshikazu Kiuchi/ Kenichi Suemitsu/ ...

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