Pay Ceremony

Genre -

Company fabricant fin

Period 2014/02/16

Region Kinki

Naoyo Ichinose/ Keiji Imanishi/ Hiroyuki Shirai/ Futomi Suzuki/ Yusuke Hayashi/ Komari Sakurai

作・演出:桜井こまり 舞台監督・美術:ニシノトシヒロ/照明:南勇樹(芝居処味一番)/音響:中西華子/制作:浦田瑞希


"Oh, really? Do we get bored with each other? We come under all the question. Wow. This is it."

Suddenly one day, a wife notice that they get bored with each other.

"We need to speak or do. Is it mean to live together?"

There are a wife, who notice, and a husband, who don't notice.
One day, her husband suddenly takes her somewhere.

"What's this?"
"You always say nothing."

At there, his funeral would be held.

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