Genre アート

Period 2019/05/11

Region Romania

Costi Apostol,Claudia Ardelean/Anca Pitaru,Ion Fiscuteanu Jr,Sebastian Marina,Elena Popa



The gold dragon is about all of us. It is a theatrical and poetic poem
about the absurd and sometimes cruel world we live in. In the struggle
with social determinism that seems to engage us in a rollercoaster
without escape, we deconstruct the reality in search of what remains of
humanity today. With this show I officially declare war on inertia: both
in life and on stage. I built together with my travel partners a ""dream
vehicle"" – This is how I would characterize the show.

We have challenged ourselves and intend to challenge the public on a
journey into the realm of collective consciousness, a magical place, a
paradise becoming the purgatory of the self-indulgent and ignorant man.
We are also victims and executioners, and the complicity between these
two roles holds us in constant tension, consumes us, devours us, becomes
pawns on a great board game we have created. Empathy means freedom, what
a beautiful statement!

Schimmelpfenning wrote an extraordinary fabulous contemporary world! A
kind of Brecht of incredible poetry, a piece of landscape like Gertrude
Stein, in the center of which there is not a character, but a tooth.

Five Asians, who could also be Turks or Romanians or Hungarians or other
poor people in the world, anyway, immigrants without papers, black
market workers in a crowded fast-food called the Golden Dragon. The
little restaurant is located in the middle of the Chinese quarter of the
city, in a building that has a grocery store, a warehouse and a wealth
of dwellings. They live here in this ant farm, all sorts of people, and
their stories melt together in a bizarre and yet natural way, in a
fateful summer day.

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